About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to bring comfort, nurturing, and relief to anyone facing a life-altering medical diagnosis and to assist caregivers in enhancing their own well being through massage and bodywork therapies. To expand the awareness of benefits of integrative therapies via education, outreach and research to those affected by their diagnosis. All services are provided free of charge by certified, experienced and committed professionals.

Our Story

Pat Kerber and Kelly Sontheimer founded Wellspring Journey Project (WJP) in 2011 with the mission to bring massage therapy to anyone facing a life-altering diagnosis, as well as their caregivers. Kelly saw the need for this service while working in hospice massage in St. Louis, MO. She realized that there is a great need for massage not only at the end of life, but also at the time of treatment and healing. She felt strongly that services be available to the caregiver of these individuals as their lives are turned upside down while providing care. She also believed that, due to the overwhelming financial burden of treatment, agency services would be free of charge. Meanwhile, Pat started (April 2011) to massage patients on the BMT (Bone and Blood Marrow Transplant) unit at University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis, MN as a volunteer. The requests for massage by nurses and patients soon became more than the time Pat had. She also saw the need for caregivers to receive massage. Both Kelly and Pat attended Oncology Massage training by Tracy Walton at The Coritiva Institute Chicago Illinois in July 2011. The idea was hatched – an agency that provides professional, trained, experienced massage therapists to massage people with life altering-diagnosis and also massage the caregiver at no charge to either. They were also introduced to the idea of teaching caregivers to use comforting touch to support their loved ones in cancer treatment. In January 2012 a grant from CenturyLink (Qwest) Family and Legacy Foundation provided funds to purchase the Touch, Caring, and Cancer instructional book/DVD that supports the “Caregiver Touch Workshops” presented in Minneapolis and St. Louis.

Lisa Greiner has been involved with WJP from the beginning and has been instrumental in fulfilling our mission. She has provided comfort to our recipients via massage therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, craniosacral therapy and Reiki. Lisa’s many years as a Hospice Massage Therapist prepared her to meet the various needs of those we serve. In 2014, Lisa added a certification in Oncology Massage to assist in providing comfort to our growing number of recipients with cancer diagnoses.

This year in 2017, Lisa Greiner is bringing the vision of WJP to Camden County, Georgia. In her new role as a Facilitator, Lisa will provide education, massage, support, and comfort to those facing a life-altering medical diagnosis and their caregivers.

Wellspring Journey Project became a 501c3 in December 2012 (retroactive to November 2011).